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Get to Know SIS

We first want to acknowledge that the land on which our company was founded and on which we reside was stolen by white colonizers from Indigenous people - primarily the Seneca, the Osage, and the Cherokee Nations. We are based in NW Arkansas and upstate New York, and have interpreters throughout the country. We encourage you to learn more about the land on which you live and work and to whom it rightfully belongs. 

Specialized Interpreting Services (SIS) is LGBTQ-owned and Deaf-operated. We are working behind the scenes to make our agency, and communities we inhabit, accessible and welcoming to all people.

Interpreters have a unique opportunity to tailor their own skills and adapt to the needs of all users of sign language. There is often a gap in the provision of services between those providing interpreting services, those using interpreting services, and the lack of provision in accommodations/technology for those users. We at SIS strive to bridge these gaps in many varied ways. 


SIS will screen, vet, and seek out the most qualified, ethical, skilled, and adaptive interpreters from around the world. Our interpreters have a unique skill set that can accommodate the user based on their needs and preferences. 


We have a team that can help your organization learn about, obtain, and provide technological accommodations for the user.


There is no job too small or too large for SIS; we can accommodate any meeting or event. Ask us more about our consultation services and let us coordinate interpreters for your needs today. 

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